Adoption of Kiznaiver WikiEdit

Hello this is Catw0rks. Please call me Mika. 

This wiki has had several vandalism (I'm not sure if this is how I should call it so let me explain: people have been adding weird changes to the pages. One recent example, is changing Tenga Hajime's name in the info box to cutechicken or something). People has also been fighting with (occasional) vulgar words and hostility, mostly over the ship issue with Katsuhira and Noriko and Chidori. I'm thinking someone should stop them?? However and sadly, not much can be done without actual wiki rights, and our founder (Mogekov ) is not online at all (has only made 3 edits since 20 Oct 2015, with no other admins or bureaucrats. I'm wondering if anyone wants to adopt Kiznaiver. I'm okay if I take it, but also fine if someone else is better up to it. If you want it, please contact me? or leave message here. Thank you! Also, I have set up an adoption request on [Community Page], so pleas check it out! 

Catw0rks (talk) 13:25, June 25, 2016 (UTC) MIKA 

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