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Kanji 市長
Rōmaji Shichō
Hair color Grey
Eye color Grey
Gender Male
Affiliation Kizna Committee, Sugomori City Municipal Corporation
Voice Actors
Japanese Hiroshi Yanaka
First Appearance
Anime Episode 2

Shichou (市長, Shichō, lit. "Mayor") is the mayor of Sugomori City.

Appearance Edit

A very small old man with short gray balding hair and wrinkles on his face. He wears glasses and has is usually seen wearing either a grey suit, or a yellow polo shirt and brown pants with a belt and white golf glove for when he plays golf.

Personality Edit

The mayor is very mysterious at first, but he is the simple and hard-working mayor of Sugomori City. He is very concerned and passionate about the "Smiley-Happy Town For Everyone," Sugomori. Similarly to Urushibara, he adores Noriko as a daughter and is constantly concerned for her safety and wellbeing. While he cares about people in the city achieving harmony just as much as Noriko does, he views Noriko's obsession over the Kizuna Experiment as a bit extreme as it has the potential of damaging the government's public reputation.

Plot Edit

The mayor is first seen in Episode 2 contently asking his advisor about the status of the Kizuna Experiment, as he simultaneously plays golf.

The mayor is originally an avid supporter of the Kizuna Experiment and it is implied that he has been since the very beginning. However, he begins to retract his support once he sees the potential negative publicity of such an inhumane and, by large, failed experiment.

Noriko kidnaps the mayor with the help of Gomorin and locks him in a train to prevent him from de-funding the experiment.

Abilities Edit

  • Nice Shot!: He has a pretty good golf game, common to aging politicians everywhere.

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