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Mutsumi Urushibara



Kanji 漆原 睦
Rōmaji Urushibara Mutsumi
Hair color Black
Eye color Blue
Gender Female
  • Kizna Committee
  • Sugomori High School
Status Alive
Voice Actors
Japanese Mie Sonozaki
English Jennifer Cameron
First Appearance
Anime Episode 2

Mutsumi Urushibara (Japanese: 漆原睦, Romanized: Urushibara Mutsumi), is the counsellor of the school Katsuhira is attending. She's a mysterious woman who's almost always seen wearing a white coat.


Mutsumi has blue eyes and jaw-length black hair. She has a beauty mark under her left eye as shown in the beginning of episode 2. She usually wears a lab coat and dark black waist-high pants with a white blouse.


Initially, Mutsumi comes off as cold, somewhat sarcastic, and even frightening, such as when she pulls out a gun in front of two students in an arcade. In later episodes, she is shown to have caring and motherly qualities, such as in episode 9 when she becomes clearly distressed about the effects of the experiment on the Kiznaivers.



Noriko SonozakiEdit

Urushibara and Sonozaki have a mother-daughter-like relationship. Urushibara tells Yamada in episode 2 that Sonozaki is the only student precious to her, referring to her as "Nori-chan." She cares deeply about Noriko's well-being. She has been looking after Sonozaki ever since she was a child.

Kazunao YamadaEdit

Kazunao and Mutsumi are both members of the Kizna Committee who work on the Kiznaiver experiment together. The two have been colleagues for a very long time, and worked on the initial Kiznaiver project together as low-ranking researchers. They seem to be close, and use nicknames without honourifics when referring to each other. However, they are sometimes at odds, such as in episode 9 when they argue over whether or not the Kiznaiver experiment should continue.




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